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Executive Networking Academy

3Dk Solutions has an unrivalled virtual support network, including some of the top figures in the housing, care and commercial world. This network has been built up over a number of years and is based on mutual trust and confidence and sharing expertise at the highest level. It is a knowledge asset to 3Dk and something of which we are very proud.


Each year, since 2003, we have run our Networking Academy; over 200 Executives have attended. It is an invitation only event, to develop the art and science of networking. 


Attendees tell us the results have been amazing;


  • 'I couldn’t have got the National Sales Managers position without the valuable techniques I learnt - The Jelly Effect has really stuck'
  • 'Getting a slot on the BBC wasn’t just luck it was a result of the programme I attended'
  • 'It really works, I have had a full page article published in the NME and I am due to have a full page article published in the Sunday Telegraph in July!'  
  • ‘I found the sessions tremendously beneficial. Not only did they enhance my confidence around networking but they opened my eyes to the fact that there's a whole science around it. Never again will I go into a networking event unprepared and the sessions were jam packed with handy practical tips to get the maximum benefit from networking.’
  • ‘Amongst many things, the most important point for me was realising how important the gatekeepers are. I got the opportunity to put this into practice. I found the sessions very worthwhile and I am now looking forward to putting the skills I have gained into practice.’
  • 'The time with the 3Dk team and the other people at the networking workshop was by far some of the best spent in my career so far. Since attending I have managed to meet and sit down with some of the most influential people within my industry. I have acquired more knowledge and business contacts allowing me to be more productive and prosperous within my work. Subsequently, I was headhunted and promoted; all of which as a direct result of the confidence and ability that I gained at the workshop. The day itself was a productive, professional and relaxed atmosphere with everyone in attendance keen to learn and participate in the activities, discussions and presentations. I would recommend attending the workshop to anyone that wanted to improve the way that they interact with colleagues, clients and new people in a dynamic and competitive business environment.
  • ‘Being in the midst of some very challenging merger process the days have given time to reflect, that is much more valuable than just networking skills. There has been some great exercises and I have been greatly helped by listening to other experiences.’
  • ‘Really enjoyed it, it was excellent, good learning and great fun…I learnt so much on the course.’ 
  • ‘I found it really useful and will be putting some of the tips into practice next week at the Conference.’ 
  • ‘Thank you to everyone who participated, for their enthusiasm and company last week, it made the afternoon an enjoyable learning experience.’


2023 see's 3Dk's 20th anniversary, and as part of that we established a Young Peoples Networking Academy, based around resilience, learning in an environment where the sessions will be practical, experiential, fun and inspiring. 2024 we will continue with this theme, 3Dk's 21st anniversary, more fun and learning planned for our young up and coming stars for the future. 


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