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Mergers & Acquisitions

3Dk Solutions has been involved in merger and acquisitions since 2003. 


Recent  projects include: 

  • St. Helens Housing merger in to Arena Group - lead consultants and project manager.
  • Space merged in to Great Places - lead consultants.
  • Wulvern merged in to The Guinness Partnerships - lead consultants and project manager. 
  • Manchester Council stock into Eastlands - lead consultants.
  • Tunstall Telecom merged in to Bridgepoint Venture Capital Group - expert advisors.
  • Housing Plus merger - lead advisors and project manager.
  • St. Vincents Housing - Board advisors. 
  • MSV - Mosscare St. Vincents - joint lead consultants and project managers. 
  • Leeds Fed and Accent - lead consultant and project manager. 
  • Helena Housing merger into the Torus Group with Golden Gates Housing - joint consultants. 
  • Anchor Trust and Hanover - CEO advisor. 
  • Riverside and Impact - project manager.


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